‘Di Ka Nagkamali

(a reverse poetry)


Wala kang halaga…

At ayokong iisipin mong

para sa’yo lang ang aking mga ngiti

Dahil iba ka sa kanilang lahat

Hindi kita gusto

Malabong mangyaring

Espesyal ka sa akin

Sana lagi mong tandaan

na wala kang puwang sa puso ko

na wala akong pakialam sa iyo

Hindi pupuwede

lagi na lang tayong magkasama

Sa bawat luha at tuwa…

Kung iisipin mo,

tanging ikaw lang,

sa lahat-lahat,

ang nagbibigay kahulugan…

Binigyan ng musika

ang bawat pangungusap,

Nilagyan ng tamis

ang bawat pagtingin…

Binago mo ang aking mundo

Ngayon ikaw sa akin ay balewala

Nagkakamali ka sa iyong akalang

Iba ang turing ko sa’yo

Hindi totoong…

Di ako kumpleto,

Pag wala ka,

Na sana lagi kang nasa aking tabi,

Ang gusto ko,

Higit pa doon

Ayaw na kitang kaibigan.


(basahin mo naman nang pabaligtad. simula dito sa dulo)


-Caloocan City

05.04.2019 (3:00 am)

My La Union Summer Getaway

Since it’s summer already and I badly need a break, I packed my things, called some friends and off we go to La Union!

To be honest, it was a very sudden trip. I originally planned to go somewhere cold and cozy. But then again, going solo in a cold land might be worse for my current state. So instead, we went to the “Boracay of the North”. It was an all-girls trip that turned out to be an “awesome threesome” vacation since my bestfriend SailorStarCatcher brought her boyfie and I played the third wheel. GRRRR!!! Thank goodness this guy is also “kalog” like me OR ELSE… I’ll throw him to our first stop in the tour! (Just kidding!!!).

La Union Getaway

Why La Union? La Union (aka “Elyu”) is known for its beaches, food, and rich culture. It’s a place you can go to if you want to chill, get a tan, surf, go trekking, or just fall in love… with nature, that is! Hehehe…

Well, there are already so many information all over the internet about the places I visited.  So, I just prepared here a video of our trip since if I write down everything it might take hours for you to finish my post. Though, please excuse my video because it’s actually my first time to create one. 🙂



Also,  I have something new for you guys! My very own La Union challenge…



10.  Find the Halo-Halo de Iloko and enjoy its goodness. (Done)

9. Attend the mass at Namacpacan Church.

8. Lock your love with your special someone at Baluarte Watch Tower.

7. Make a new friend at Thunderbird Resort.

6. Take a jump shot with friends at the Man-Made Forest. (Done)

5. Visit the Poro Poro Point Lighthouse at night.

4. Count the stairway steps climbing to Macho Temple.

3. Ride on top of the jeep going to Tangadan Falls.

2. Sit on the “iconic throne” at Stone Hand Art Gallery. ( I did this one! See the video)

1.  Learn to surf at San Juan Beach.


I thought of these challenges after the trip so yes, I know… I wasn’t able to do all of them! *sighs* But, at least I was able to do some. Hehehe… Anyway, I’m so glad we availed the tour from Happy Wheels Travel & Tours. We had so much fun during our vacation and we found new friends as well. Ka-Poks, you know who you are guys… thanks for the pictures and memories! Let’s have another trip?

Definitely, I’d love to go back to ELYU again. Not just to chase away my blues, but because going there will surely be an unforgettable adventure!

Did You Know…?

(in memory of a love lost…)


Did you know when it began?

It was a mystery that always bothered me…

A question that might have led to lots of possibilities.

And a million what ifs that I had to end.


Did you know when it ALL began?

It’s not when I held your hand…

nor when I looked into your eyes.


But, it was that very first time

when  I was gazing at your back,

(hoping) not knowing if

you’ll ever turn around and look at me.


Then our eyes met…

And it was as though Spring came and never left

Like an infinite rainbow appeared after a strong typhoon

Like a thousand fireflies dancing merrily under the moon.


Did you know when it ended?

I guess you always knew.

I just had a hard time accepting

Or maybe I was still hoping…


Did you know when it ALL ended?

It’s not when you let go of my hand.

Nor when you started

looking at me like a stranger

from a faraway land.


But it’s that time when you slowly drifted away,

and then suddenly vanished and left.

It was the longest

and most painful farewell

I’ve ever known

even before it was said.



***written on a lonely night of 2014.