Reclusion Perpetua 03: Two Years Ago


September 17, 2014 (Wednesday) Vol. 10, Issue No. 17


Dela Vega heiress found dead


Lorraine Natividad Dela Vega, youngest child of the Dela Vega family was discovered dead at the Our Lady of Ransom Parish last September 13, Saturday morning.

Based on the initial investigation conducted by the Santa Rita Police, the 22-year old Dela Vega daughter incurred a head injury that might have been the cause of her death.

Senior Supt. Alfredo Torres, head of the investigation said that there were no deadly weapons found inside the church.  However, it is still too early to declare that there’s no foul play involved in the death of Lorraine.

“We will wait for the autopsy results before jumping into conclusions,” added Colonel Torres.

According to the Dela Vega family, Lorraine went out to meet some friends on Friday night before she died. She was wearing a denim jeans, red sweatshirt and grey checkered scarf.

The body was fully-clothed when found at the center aisle of the church.

Santa Rita Police are continuously searching for possible witnesses to the incident.




September 30, 2014 (Tuesday) Vol. 10, Issue No. 18


Suspect arrested in Dela Vega heiress murder


After two weeks of thorough investigation, Santa Rita police have arrested the suspect to the murder of Lorraine N. dela Vega last September 26, Friday.

The suspect was identified as Cyrus Fuentebella Buenavista, 25 years old, the only son and heir of Buenavista Group of Companies, Inc.

Buenavista is charged with murder and currently detained at the Poblacion Provincial Jail.

Based on autopsy results, the late dela Vega died due to asphyxiation at around 11:00 of September 12, Friday evening.

“We are certain that the victim was choked to death using her scarf. But, the alleged weapon do not have any fingerprints (besides Lorraine’s) at all,” stated Sr. Supt. Alfredo Torres. There were marks seen on the neck of the victim that are quite similar to the patterns of her scarf.

“Despite the absence of fingerprints, we were still able to get a strong evidence. A signature khaki jacket which apparently belongs to Buenavista,” said Colonel Torres.

The investigation team found the jacket lying on the floor near the left side exit door of the church. Cops have assumed that the suspect accidentally left it while escaping from the crime scene.

An unidentified witness also testified to the police that he saw a man on a black Ducati bike speeding away from the church between 11 and 12 midnight. Buenavista presently owns a 2014 black Ducati low rider.

Lorraine Dela Vega and Cyrus Buenavista used to go to the same college and were often seen together. Authorities are still investigating the suspect’s motive in killing the victim.

The Buenavista family chose to remain silent and refused any interviews related to the issue.


To be continued…

Reclusion Perpetua 02: The Young Master

Nothing much has changed in this place.  Santa Rita is almost the same…

My mind was about to drift back to the past when a loud ringing interrupted my thoughts. I pressed the answer button on the screen of my dashboard to take the incoming call.

“Hello? Yes, this is Cyrus Buenavista speaking.

I’m on my way to the hospital now. It’s just a bit traffic here in the intersection along the market. Please confirm that I’m coming. Thanks.”

The traffic started moving so I swerved the steering wheel to the right and quickly made a turn. Such a hassle! I just got back here a week ago. I was supposed to be on vacation mode before I start working next week. Yet here I am, being summoned by my doctor.

That doctor must be in a hurry to ask her secretary to call, I said to myself. Anyway, just a few more turns and I’m almost there already. Then, I drove by the old church, Our Lady of Ransom Parish, and couldn’t help but sigh heavily as a memory of a girl crossed my mind.

Poor girl… Gone too soon. I didn’t even get to taste her lips… Not like her sister.”

I stepped on the accelerator after making sure the road is clear. I sped all the way to Sta. Rita General Hospital as if to escape the memories flooding my mind. I barely hit the brakes when a tall, voluptuous woman suddenly appeared in the empty parking lot.

What the?!” I stopped when I recognized the stupid female specie who nearly got me in an accident. Copper colored long hair, fair skinned and looking even taller in a tan maxi dress. It’s Angela dela Vega Montemayor.

Wow… speaking of the devil!”

I instantly pulled my keys, grabbed my phone and got out of my red Bentley Continental GT to confront her. But it seems that this woman doesn’t give a damn on what just happened. I half ran, half walked to cope up with her in the hospital lobby.

When Angela’s an arm’s reach, I quickly grabbed the strap of her beige Hermes shoulder bag to stop her. She immediately turned and was about to slap me when I got hold of her wrist.

Long time no see, Angel” I greeted her with a smirk. She paused for a few seconds, perhaps thinking who I am. Then, she pulled her wrist free, rolled her eyes and replied…

Not nice to see you at all, Cyrus. Get lost!” she snapped.

Is that the new way to greet an old friend’?

“We were never friends!” she hissed.

Hell yeah, ‘coz friends don’t put each other in prison, right?”

She was still talking harshly when I walked away towards the elevator and left her. I’m done saying what I have to say. All I have to do next is find out what really happened that night. Perhaps, I’ll start later on after this darn session with my doctor.

I pushed the number 6 button on the elevator and as it was about to close, Angela entered and hit the number 5.  She met my eyes then glared and turned her back at me. I shook my head and clicked my tongue. Such a bad day… I swear, I’m really going to find out what happened two years ago.



Dr. Esperanza de Jesus, M.D., Psychiatrist

I read the fancy calligraphy and entered the cozy clinic of the only psychiatrist here in Santa Rita. Doctor Esperanza is a middle-aged woman wearing round rimmed spectacles and a white doctor’s gown over a floral top. She looked up from what she’s reading on her desk upon hearing her secretary announce my arrival.

“You’re late”

“I know.”


“And, you still seem rude like usual,” she added while grinning.

I’m not actually in a very good mood for jokes, Doc,” I defended myself.

Okay, but would you care to tell me why?”

“I met the evil bitch on the way here.”



“Angela dela Vega”

“You mean, Angela Montemayor.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

The psychiatrist eyed me carefully and laughed. She scribbled something on the paper in front of her and started firing me random questions.

“How was your stay in Australia?”


“When did you arrive?”

“Wednesday. Last week.”

“Were you able to sleep well since then?”

“Pretty much, yeah.”


“Have you met with your friends here already?”

“The other night. We went clubbing to celebrate my return.”

“How’s your relationship with them now? Did you treat them well?”

“Fine. Of course, I treated them fairly. Although, they still haven’t gotten rid of calling me Master. So, I’m not at fault there.”

Doctor de Jesus chuckled gleefully again. She asked some more about my current lifestyle and scribbled a few things more to the paper. After a couple of minutes, she cleared her throat and started talking seriously.

“Well, I’m glad that you’re living quite normally already. I really do hope that you’ve fully recovered.”

“I am healed, Doc.”

“That’s too early to say. After all, you just got back,” she smiled at me patiently.

Whatever she meant by that, I don’t care. It is just so annoying that I have to see her again twice a month. To make matters worse, that means a chance of possibly meeting Angela again! Well, since it can no longer be avoided I might as well start my investigation.


To be continued…

Reclusion Perpetua 01: Prayer of the Fateful

DISCLAIMER: All characters, scenes, events and places portrayed (and will be portrayed) in this series are fictional and not created to offend anyone. Whatever resemblance you’ll find are not intended and purely coincidental.


“Bless me Father for I have sinned.

I am Angela dela Vega Montemayor. It’s been a month since my last confession. And it’s been two years already, but I still haven’t done anything about my guilt…”

I took a deep breath and started recalling the events of that dreadful night. Unlike my confession last month, this one might take more or less than an hour to finish. Being inside here in this small and narrow confession box feels more comfortable than praying there outside. Really, I still don’t feel right to be in this place… This same place where my sister Lorraine died.

My palms started sweating and my knees felt weaker as I kneel down and try to enumerate and explain my sins to the priest behind the small window. I couldn’t help but sigh in almost every sentence as though a thorn was being pulled out of my chest.

“I was mad that time. She was always with him even if he’s already my husband! How could I not put malice on that, Father?

So when my husband came home that afternoon, I confronted him. He was dressed in his flashy clothes and I could smell a mixture of his musk and a woman’s fragrance. The scents that filled our room enraged me even more. I snapped at him for always seeing her, for being close to her and for not having time for me.

He glared and shouted at me like he had never done before. It shocked me for a bit but I didn’t let his anger beat me, Father. I continued shouting at him. I even threw the lamp shade to him with all my might but he was able to dodge it. He banged the door and left our house. His car was even roaring as he drove away.

I was fuming and couldn’t contain my fury. I wanted to scream at both of them. Humiliate them! I was so full of anger, Father. Then, that night… the worst thing happened.”

I closed my eyes briefly, and clutched the handkerchief and rosary in my hands. Will I really be able to confess everything now? I am THE ANGELA DELA VEGA. I’m not supposed to just wear my heart on my sleeves. But will I still be able to endure the nightmares? No, I think I won’t be able to handle them anymore…

So with all courage I could afford, I started narrating of what I could barely recall from what happened two years ago, here in Our Lady of Ransom Parish. Hoping and praying that through this sacrament, even if I won’t be able to clean my heart, I could at least, have my peace of mind.


To be continued…