Weekend Must-See Movies: Magnifico and Beauty Inside

It’s summer and it’s time to have fun again! Usually, summer weekends are spent for going out and mingling with friends. But if you don’t have the luxury of time or funds then I got something for you. Make your weekends worthwhile by watching great meaningful movies.


It took me almost 13 years to finally watch this awesome local film. Indeed, it’s a regret for me for not being able to watch it before. Movies, they say, only tend to charm the audience of its time but believe me, this one is different. Magnifico is a tear-jerking film that can break your heart into pieces.magnifico

The story revolves around Magnifico, a young boy who came from an impoverished family in a province in Philippines. His dad is a carpenter and his mom is a housewife who earns partly from embroidering fabrics. He lives together with his parents, an ailing grandmother and a younger sister with cerebral palsy.

At first you would think that it’s just another family drama especially when Magnifico’s grandmother was discovered to have cancer and his elder brother arrived because he lost his scholarship. Problems started emerging here and there. But what really made this film stand out from the rest?

Having burdens in the family is very typical yet the one thing that made this story unique is how the protagonist handled all of them despite the fact that he is just a young boy. As the story unfolds and reach the climax, you’ll notice how Magnifico has touched touched the lives of not only his family members but also his entire neighborhood.


Take note, Magnifico is not just a local award-winning film but also a recognized movie in the international scene. It brought home the Crystal Bear award from the 2004 Berlin International Film Festival Children’s Category as well as the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk Grand Prix. In the local industry, Magnifico bagged seven major awards in the FAMAS Awards, seven awards in the Gawad Urian Awards, seven awards in the Golden Screen Awards and six awards in the FAP Awards. In 2011, the Gawad Urian Awards Committee gave Magnifico the recognition as the “Best Film of the Decade”


The Beauty Inside

Unlike the earlier movie, The Beauty Inside is a foreign film that was released in South Korea last year. It was based on an American social-film that has the same title by Intel and Toshiba.

the beauty inside

In this movie, you’ll meet Woo Jin, the protagonist who wakes up everyday in a different body regardless of gender, age, and nationality. This extraordinary condition that he has started way back when he was still a teenager and going to school. He stopped studying because of this and resulted to being a furniture designer instead.

Despite of his constantly changing appearance, he still managed to live well and bear with his condition. But then he met Yi Soo and discovered that there’s one thing about him that won’t ever change. His love for this girl.

So, our lead struggled to make Yi Soo notice him. It’s a very challenging path for him to take especially since he looks different everyday. Still, Woo Jin took the risk and pursued Yi Soo.

Woo Jin and Yi Soo’s story is really unique and unimaginable but I’m sure that it will also make you reflect on the real meaning of love. The obstacles and challenges that the characters went through will show you that indeed, love conquers all.

The Beauty Inside won Best New Director award in the 2015 Daejong Film Awards and Best Film Editing in the 2015 Blue Dragon Film Awards. Distribution rights for this film were pre-sold in the Cannes Film Market to 11 Asian countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines.